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IGMH Forum

This forum is a pilot project to explore how an online community can enhance the IGMH website.

May 29

May 9

By Mercedes Palacios & Celeste Poe Our professional and personal goals in pursuing global mental health training revolve around increasing our understanding of mental health disparities and our skills
May 28

By Marissa Eusebio As a graduate student, I am continually seeking opportunities that will challenge me and foster my growth as a clinician. Although coming into graduate school I did not have a
Nov 18, 2018

This article orients colleagues across sectors to Global Mental Health (GMH) and its relevance for the collective efforts to promote sustainable development and wellbeing. The authors include examples
May 14

By Brigitte Khoury, PhD During our training as clinical psychologists, we hardly think beyond the population we see in psychotherapy and the community we are working with. However, in the 21st century