PAU's International Online Connection

PAU's online Master's degree enables international students to gain advanced counseling education that's integrated with their home culture.

In many countries and regions, the indigenous counselor profession is rapidly developing. Palo Alto University's online Master’s in Counseling program blends several components that support global development of the counseling and psychology professions:

  • Students experience a systematic curriculum designed to meet the highest international standards for counselor education.


  • Courses are taught online by U.S. based PAU faculty.


  • U.S. teaching methods are integrated with the history and culture of each student's home country.


  • Practicum sites include students' regional medical universities and counseling institutions.

  • Graduates receive a Master’s degree from an accredited American university that qualifies them to apply for a U.S. license in professional clinical counseling.


The program puts a high value on the localization of counselor education and  injects the essence of local culture into the course design, practicum and teaching methods using many approaches such as class discussions, seminars, practical assignments, etc. International students who are enrolled in online programs are provided with an opportunity to apply what is learned to their own social and cultural context.

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