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Standing in the Gap: Making a Home for Disabled Children in Fengcheng, China

The Gap Fengcheng Children's Home in Fengcheng, Liaoning, China, provides a home and parenting care for orphaned and abandoned children who were sent there because of a difficult physical, mental or emotional condition.  The founder of the project is a student of the PAU M.A. Counseling program and former investment banker who left that world in South Korea to create this home in China.


The young adults in the home all have special needs and require continuous guidance to prepare them to integrate into society after obtaining basic living skills. The goal of the program is to alleviate the suffering and hardship of the disadvantaged children and youth, help give them hope and confidence in their future so they can realize their full potential, and contribute and participate in society.


As of 2014, Hongyanjia was home to 26 children in the care of 5 houseparents who live with them and eight staff who volunteer and help the children. Nine of the children were attending mainstream school and five were expected to become independent.


The home is supported by the Gap Foundation, a Hong Kong registered charity foundation established in May 2000 by three Hong Kong-based professionals.


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Family and vocational activities at the Gap Children's Home in Fengcheng, China.


(Video and Photo  Source: The Gap Foundation)

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