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Sophia Arroyo, Psychologist

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Arroyo did a clinical rotation at PAU in January and February 2016. She attended courses in the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology program as well as group supervisions at the Gronowski Center, the Latino Clinic, and the Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC). She also attended the Children and Adolescents Psychotherapy and Technology (CAPT) Research Group.

She sent these remarks to Dr. Eduardo Bunge following her stay:

"My stay at Palo Alto University was an enriching experience! Throughout the time I was there I met highly qualified psychologists. The classes I audited were updated and I learned different evidence-based clinical models. I highly valued the active role of students in the time to learn and the respectful and interesting discussions generated between students and faculty. In addition, they were interested about my culture and the role of psychologist in my country.


"The group supervisions were other learning place. It is a very effective way to learn and perform clinical practices with highly trained psychologists. It also allowed me to think about the similarities and differences with psychotherapy in my country and I learned more about the Latino community in the area.


"The biggest surprise was learning about the use of technology in the classroom and the intersection of mental health and high tech. The learning-teaching process becomes more dynamic and participatory using different technological tools. Also, participating in the research group of Dr. Bunge and classes of Dr. Muñoz allowed me to deepen on the use of internet for psychotherapy. It’s to this day I continue reading and learning about the subject.


"I admire the professionalism of everyone working in PAU, the high academic level the doctoral program has, the enthusiasm that have in research and the warmth with which all students and faculty received me.


"Thank you very much PAU and Dr. Bunge for letting me participate in this experience! "

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