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Newly released research on mental health issues in Camodia. Go to Publications page.

  • A Mothers and Babies program developed by Ricardo Munoz and colleagues is now being offered in Kenya and Tanzania. Read article.

  • Even though trauma healing and peace intervention are effective, worsening conflict in CAR is making it more difficult to deliver such services, according to the Catholic independent news site, Crux. Read article.

  • Hunger and infant mortality rates in Central African Republic demonstrate the terrible impact of "one of the most neglected crises in the world," according to the New York Times. Read article.

  • First controlled trial of drug treatment among severely mentally ill in West Africa, reports in the New York Times. Read article.

  • Norwegian Psychological Association leads development of International Declaration on Core Competences in Professional Psychology. Learn more.

Colleagues and friends around the world share stories of healing, survival and hope.

Palo Alto University was invited by the CAR Interfaith Peacebuilding Partnership to develop and evaluate pre-existing trauma healing and peace education programs. The work is funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) through a grant to Catholic Relief Services. 

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In 2017, PAU awarded M.A. Counseling degrees to 15 internationally-based students who attended PAU’s online master’s program.

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The Gap Fengcheng Children's Home in Fengcheng, Liaoning, China, provides a home and parenting care for orphaned and abandoned children who were sent there because of a difficult physical, mental or emotional condition.  The founder of the project,  Kay Kyung Hee Lee, is a student of the PAU M.A. Counseling program.

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This map summarizes the locations where PAU has a presence through research, intervention, service and training activities.

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